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May 2021 Release Notes
May 2021 Release Notes
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We have been quite busy over the past few weeks and while running trainings with our users, we realised some of Opsyte’s features need to be improved.

Please check out the below features to make sure you are not missing any when you next use us. Please also feel free to get in touch with us if you feel something is either missing or needs to be improved.

We have a number of exciting upgrades in our timeline over the next few weeks so please look out for our next update!

Rota: We have now added the option of removing previously approved holiday dates directly from the rota.

Simply right click on the holiday tab that you wish to remove, then hit 'Clear Current Shift' - as shown above!

Invoice approvals: Adding a new supplier couldn't get much easier now with a new shortcut option.

Click the green plus next to the invoice/supplier and even find the supplier name pre-filled in for you on the pop up menu - as shown below!

Finally, we have made editing personal information quicker and simpler by allowing you to change each individual mandatory field separately.

This means you will no longer need to re-enter all your details again unnecessarily just to make certain changes!

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