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June 2021 Release Notes
June 2021 Release Notes
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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new rota – our development team have been working flat out to make it more aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

We value your feedback – so check out the below content on some of the changes we have made and let us know if you feel there is anything we can add/improve further.

Please keep an eye out for our future update emails!

Check out our new look rota in more detail and get a real feel for it yourself by taking our demo here!

Click on any of these to get further information in our new articles section.

We have added a helpdesk button at the bottom of the page for quicker customer response time – please use this to raise new tickets rather than direct email. You will also find our help articles in there for quick info.

Our new template function allows you to copy rotas into future weeks – saving you time adding shifts for staff that work regular hours!

You also have the ability to resend shifts to anyone whose shifts have changed after you publish the rota.

Choose whether to receive a weekly reminder email to approve any outstanding invoices you may have by simply flicking a switch – you can set this to a day that best suits you!

New message displayed making clear the process/wait time when changing another user's permissions.

Error message displayed on the Tronc page if the payroll calendar has not been set up.

New message displayed on the Approve page of Invoices when your personalised email address has not been set up.

Added Book a Demo, Help and contact number to the top of the homepage.

Other new rota features/fixes include:

  • Rota format/colours restyled

  • 'Clear Shifts' and 'Publish Shifts' buttons restyled

  • Temperature added to weather icon tooltip

  • Weather forecast row sticks when scrolling

  • Toggle option to hide overview/totals section

  • Department selection dropdown moved to the top of page

  • Employee name character length limited

  • Name of shift creator visible when right clicking on a shift

  • 'Lock All Shifts' function moved to 'Rota Menu' drop down

  • Dragging/dropping shifts on the current day prevented

  • Red flashes added when dragging shifts to indicate error

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