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July 2021 Release Notes
July 2021 Release Notes
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Here’s some of the latest updates at Opsyte for July!

We value your feedback – so check out the below content on some of the changes we have made and let us know if you feel there is anything we can add/improve further.

Rota – we have added a new Compact Mode to help you get a better overview of your staff – simply click on the Rota Menu in the top right-hand corner of the page and switch Compact on or off to suit you.

Once you have selected your preferred option, this will then be saved as your default rota view until you next change it!

Staff list – when employing a new staff member, it can take a while for them to accept their invitation to join your company and sometimes it can even expire – we have added a Resend Invitation button to prompt them!

You can find this feature under Pending in the Staff List section of the portal.

You will also now get a red ‘!’ alert if a new employee is still yet to activate their account – helping you keep track of who is an active member of staff.

Payroll – now when payroll has been locked and finalised by a payroll admin an automated email will be sent to all other users within the company with payroll access – helping you keep track on any changes more effectively and efficiently!

Invoices – we have added the ability to upload new invoices directly on to the portal via our website or app – meaning they will no longer have to be emailed!

Opsyte app – employees are now able to add more extensive information when filling in their staff details on their mobile device – meaning less management time needed when onboarding new staff members!

We have also removed phone number verification from our app – giving you a much slicker and smoother mobile experience!

Signing up – we have added the ability to set department restrictions during the account sign up process – keeping private and sensitive information safe!

Please see our Permissions article for more guidance and information on this here!

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