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Invoice Approval Restrictions

How to manage your staff's invoice approval restrictions, set different levels of access and create invoice approval groups.

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To better manage and keep track of your company's invoice processing and approval, you can customise all user access in the Invoice Approval Permissions section of the portal.

Firstly, navigate your way to the '4 squares' icon in the top right hand corner of the page and then down to Invoice Approval Restrictions.

Once here, you will be presented with an overview of staff members from your company. You have the option to edit any of the employee's permissions by clicking on the green Edit button next to their name.

You also have the option to Edit My Own Permissions and Manage Invoice Approval Groups in the top right and left hand corners of the page respectively.

Manage Invoice Approval Groups

Here you can create groups which control how users can approve invoices. For example, perhaps only invoices less than ยฃ100 can be approved by certain employees or only certain invoice types can be seen e.g. food invoices.

As you can see in the red text above, until groups have been setup any users with the invoice permission will be able to approve any invoice. This can be very dangerous for a business keeping control of their invoices.

By clicking Create New Group you can then select the name and approval limit of the group, as well as whether to include/exclude any supplier codes. You can also flick the switch to choose for this to show as your default group or not.

Once you have set all the groups necessary, they will be shown in a list with all relevant information and saved to your company in the portal.

Edit/Edit My Own Permissions

In these sections you are able to dictate which employees have access to which approval groups. You can also select whether this rule applies to all companies in the group if there are multiple, or if you want it to be company specific.

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