The Opsyte app is a quick and easy way to keep the portal at your fingertips!

Here are the main features of the mobile app - supported on both iOS and Android.


Here you can find all of your basic information, contact details, emergency contact information, payroll details as well as the ability to add a profile picture and edit any necessary details.

My Shifts

Here you are able to view all your shifts that have been published in the rota, along with details on the day, date, job role, time and length of each shift.


Here is where you can clock/break in and out by simply swiping the green bar across. The times recorded will automatically be saved to the app and the portal for management's reference.

Please note: you need to be within the parameters of your site's IP address before you can clock in or out.


Here you will find any updates significant to your profile in a news feed format. You can also use the messages to short cut to the area of relevance.



Here you can view all recorded expenses as well as adding any new or deleting any old items, you can also add PDF or image files to the details of new expenses added.


Here you will find all invoices ready for approval, along with details of supplier, date and total cost. You are also able to upload a new invoice, again with the ability to add PDF or image files to it.

Shift History

Here you are able to view shifts that you have previously worked and whether they have been approved by the payroll administrator. You will also be presented with the total hours for that week.

Holiday Requests

Here you will see an overview of all current holiday requests as well as their approval status and details on how many days have been requested for payment. You also have the ability to add a new request via the app.


Here you are able to amend account settings such as your profile details and whether or not you are shown notifications by the app.

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