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August 2021 Release Notes
August 2021 Release Notes
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We are now a registered and approved App in the Xero Marketplace?

We are incredibly excited to be part of the Xero journey. Our first step is invoice processing, and to follow will be reconciled sales.


Multi site invoice users can now set the invoice page to show them all invoices the have access to instead of having to flick between sites. This is not currently a setting we allow users to change - so if you would like this turned on then please give us a shout by pressing on the green help button and send us a message.

Payroll calendars - we have now added support for 5,4,4 weekly calendars. Help on setting up calendars can be found here

If your site has multiple restrictions on staff, and you have no permissions, instead of showing you an 'Empty rota' page, we have added in the departments you cannot see.

If you need help setting up a rota, please give this article a quick read

Rejected holiday requests are now separated in the staff pages so you and your staff have easier visibility on the status of all holiday request:

You can now set a default company when logging in. This can be found on the profile page and ensures you always land on the company you want to when logging in:

We now have a status page! If we have any outages you can now see what is happening on our status page here - - and rest assured we ping ourselves incredibly frequently so any outages get jumped on and dealt with as best we can!

Absence and lateness report

We now show you any late or absent staff over a period of time.

This report can be found in the sidebar under 'Reports'. Select a date range to view the data which also can be downloaded using the green 'Download' button on the right of the page.

Viewing the rota in the app

You can now see site rotas in the mobile app! This is one of the most popular requests from users and we are delighted to have this up and running. If you / your team members have rota permissions they can now see your site's full rotas on the app.

Please note, this page is view only and you cannot create or edit shifts on the move. If you want this functionality, please vote up the feature request in our feature requests section.

In the app click on 'more' and then 'staff rota' to see this

Viewing all staff permissions

As an admin with a large team it can be hard keeping track of your whole team and which permissions they have.

If you are in your 'User permissions' area, click on the 'view all users' permissions' to see a chart of where your users sit in your site.

Feature Requests

We listen! We have launched our Feature Requests which you can find on the left hand side menu, at the bottom

Features can be added and voted upon. The most voted feature requests will most likely be developed by our team - so keep voting for any functionality you want added.

You can write comments on each feature request as well as filter your results.

Late clocking in

We have added a late clocking in notification for staff - so they will get pinged if they are late clocking in so you don't have to remind them!

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