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Xero FAQ

Have questions about Xero? You can find answers to lots of our frequently asked Xero questions here!

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  • How do I disconnect from Xero?

Simple! Visit your invoice page, find the Xero Menu and click on the disconnect button

  • What doesn't the integration do?

We don't currently map locations - but this is something we are working on and should have this to you in one of our next releases.

  • How often does the sync occur?

Daily, every morning (UK time). If you make any changes in Xero, you can always use the manual sync found in your Xero menu.

  • What does the red error mean beside one of my invoices?

Sometimes you will see a red error beside the approve button. Nothing to worry about! If you put your mouse over the error it will show you why the invoice has been flagged. In the below case the invoice value is quite a long way away from the normal for this supplier, so we are letting you know it may need double checking!

  • Voting rights - what do they mean?

Your company invoice permission restrictions may mean that you can see a category/nominal but won't be able to fully approve an invoice. In this case you will only have voting rights, so you can vote but not approve into Xero and a user with higher up access will see your vote, but ultimately have to approve the invoice into Xero.

  • How do I unmap an invoice?

Simple! go to the Xero Mapping section of the Invoices sidebar, find the supplier and click on the 'Delete' button in the last column labelled 'Delete Mapping'.

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