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October 2021 Release Notes
October 2021 Release Notes

Opsyte's release notes for October 2021

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This is an exciting release for us! We’ve been working on lots of new functionality to share with you.

Here's what's being covered...

- New Reports pages!

- New Cash Up page!

These updates will be rolled out progressively over the coming weeks, so if you haven't seen your new pages yet, they'll be with you soon!

New Reports Pages!

We have updated our Reports pages to give you some new, interactive reports that are a refreshing change compared to the tables you’ll be used to seeing! Don’t worry, the tables and all that vital information are still there for you to view - but you’ll find our new interactive reports on Opsyte too.

These allow you to track Sales by Item, by Category and by Location (if you’re multi-site). We’ve also given a fresh face to some of the other reports you may be used to seeing, such as your Summaries and Labour Analysis and P&L Flash.

You’ll find a tutorial will appear on your first visit to the new reporting pages – but if there’s any more support you need, just ask!

Cash Up Page!

We have also launched a brand new cash up page! This has much of the same functionality as the old one, but with a more user friendly layout.

You’ll find that a couple of functions have moved, for example you’ll now find that the options to post sales, send your snapshot report and lock your cash up have moved into the Summary table.

The Snapshot report also has a new look! The report is a lot easier on the eye, so you can find that vital information faster. You're now able to customise the items you wish to send in the Snapshot under "Snapshot Settings" - as well as choose who you want to send the report to as you send it.

We hope that you find the new page easier to navigate and we welcome any feedback that you may have!

As always, we are grateful for your continued use of Opsyte and are keen to receive any feedback or questions that you may have. 😀

Please feel free to drop me a message through the green chat icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. 👍

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