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Sending and Customising your Daily Snapshot Report
Sending and Customising your Daily Snapshot Report

Here's how to send your daily snapshot email!

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What is my Snapshot Report?

Your Snapshot report can be generated daily to give a summary of sales and analytics to your team, your business' management, directors and investors (or anyone else you wish to receive it).

The Snapshot report can be viewed on the Cash Up page or sent by email to selected users. An example of part of a Snapshot Report is below:

How can I view the Snapshot Report?

To view your Snapshot Report, navigate your way to your Cash Up Page and hover over the Snapshot button in your Summary table.

You will then click on the Open Snapshot button which will load the table on screen.

How can I send the Snapshot Report?

To send your Snapshot, hover over the Snapshot button in your Summary table, and then click Send Snapshot.

You will then have this window appear, it will allow you to enter a message to send along with the report and select the day's weather from the dropdown menu (as we know this can have a big impact on sales) . It will also give you a reminder of the people who will be receiving the report.

How can I change who receives the Snapshot Report?

You can change you receives your Snapshot Report in the Snapshot Settings. To find the settings, hover over the Snapshot button in the Summary table and click Snapshot Settings.

You will then need to click on Send Snapshot To and tick the boxes next to the names of the people who you would like to receive the report.

If someone you would like to receive the report doesn't appear in the list, you can invite them to join Opsyte by adding them as a Staff Member or an External user - information here. Please contact customer Support if you need help with this.

How can I change what items appear on my Snapshot Report?

You can change which tables appear in your Snapshot Report in your Snapshot Settings.

Open the Snapshot Settings window by hovering over the Snapshot Button in your Summary Table, then click on Snapshot Settings.

You can then click Adjust Snapshot Settings to open a checklist of all items that can form part of your Snapshot Report. The items ticked will be the items that appear on the report.

How can I customise Snapshot notes?

Within your company settings you will see the option to set a default snapshot message. This enabled you to split you snapshot into departments or subsections to keep coherency between all snapshot messages.

Whatever you input to your Snapshot Default Message will appear in all of your snapshot notes going forward.

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