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September 2021 Release Notes
September 2021 Release Notes
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We have been working hard to get some additional functionality to you! This release will give you improvements to some of your day - to - day processing. 🎉

This release covers...

- Improved Communication on the Invoicing Page.

- New Email Alerts for Admins.

- Document Processing Improvements.

Invoicing Communication Improvements!

We had a new feature requested that’s now been implemented! You can now use our notes section to enable clear communication between staff on invoice related issues.

For example, if you can’t approve an invoice because an item is missing and you’re awaiting a credit note, you can now leave a note explaining the reason – and tag relevant colleagues! That way there is no confusion when invoices are sat awaiting approval.

Simply click on the invoice you want to leave a note on, and find the "add note" button. You'll also be able to see any note history! - see the picture above.

The note history is also highlighted on the main Invoices page, simply hover over the notes icon to view the notes. - see the picture below.

New Email Alerts!

Holiday: If you have holiday approval permissions, you will now receive an email when members of staff request holiday. We hope this will assist you in promptly actioning those requests, rather than having to manually check them as you are now.

Employee Detail Change: If you have payroll permissions, you’ll now receive an email notification when employees change their personal details (such as banking or address information).

New Contract Email: Now, when you send an employee a contract, they’ll receive an email telling them that they need to sign it! We hope this will speed up the signing process, and minimise the need for managers to chase employees for these documents.

If you’d rather not receive these emails, you can unsubscribe by visiting your “email preferences” under your profile tab.

Document Processing Improvements!

We have made an improvement to the functionality surrounding staff document processing!

There are now three different “types” of document that we can process:

  • Documents that employees need to upload themselves, e.g. passports.

  • Documents that employees must simply read and sign, e.g. staff handbook.

  • *NEW* Documents that require employees to download them to complete and upload a completed version, e.g. health declarations/other information gathering.

We hope these continued improvements to the document processing will save you even more time, hassle and paperwork during the onboarding of new employees! If you have questions about setting up your documents then please feel free to contact me.

As always, we are grateful for your continued use of Opsyte and are keen to receive any feedback or questions that you may have. Please feel free to drop me a message through the green chat icon at the bottom corner of your screen. 😊

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