Opsyte allows you to add "external users" to your company. These are people who won't appear on your rota or in your payroll, but need access to the information that you have stored on Opsyte.

Examples of external users are off site accountants and analytics teams, as well as directors and investors.

If you have an external user that should no longer have access to Opsyte, you can delete them by removing their permissions. To do this, follow these steps:

✨ (note: you will need admin permissions to be able to do this.) ✨

1. Navigate your way to the "permissions" section on your admin menu. The admin menu is the four squares icon at the top right corner of your page. When you are there, click on "User Permissions" under the "Permissions" heading.

2. When you are in the Permissions menu, you will need to click on the "Other User's" tab to view your external users.

3. You will then need to click the "edit" button next to the user who you need to remove. This will open their current permissions. To delete the user, click "disable all" on their permissions at the top right.

This will remove all permissions for this external user, and consequently remove them from Opsyte. They will no longer appear in your "Other User's" list.

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