Set up Departments and Job Roles

Before you can use your rota, you will need to set up departments and job roles. Here is how!

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Departments and Job Roles are fundamental to the organisation of your staff and your rota, to start I will give you a brief explanation of how these are used.

Departments: Your departments control how your rota is set up, you will see a different section on your rota for each department. You will also be able to see separate costs for each department on both your rota and your wage report - so bare this in mind when creating them!

Job Roles: Job Roles are your employee's Job Title, as would appear on their contract.

There are two ways you can set up your departments and job roles:

Set up Departments and Job Roles on the Add Staff page πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

If you wish to set up your departments and job roles before you employee any staff, you should skip to the instructions below for setting up departments and job roles in your admin menu.

Alternatively, you can follow these instructions to learn how to set up your departments and job roles while adding new staff.

First, visit the Staff section in the side bar, then click Add Staff.

You will then click the New Employee button.

You will now need to enter the email address of your new starter and click Submit.

You can then input the employees new starter information, and next to the department and job role button click add more.

You will then see a table similar to the table below appear.

You will first need to set up your new department. To do this, input the department name in the Enter Department Name textbox and click the green + button.

You will then be able to add a job role to the department you've just created. To do this, enter the job role in the Enter Section Name textbox on the right, select the relevant department from the drop down box and then click the green plus button.

Your new department and job role are created - you can now close this window and select the department and job role from the drop down list on the main page to add your new employee to this department.

Set up Departments and Job Roles in your Admin Menu 🀡

Setting up Departments:

To set up your departments, you will first need to visit your admin menu: the four squares icon at the top right of your page (the middle button pictured below).

This menu will give you the following options, and you will need to select "Staff Departments & Sections/ Job Roles"

When you first open the page you will see your list of job roles (it will be blank if you haven't set any up yet). But first, you need to set up your Departments, so click "Manage Departments" at the top right.

You will then click "Create New" which will take you to the screen below. Now you will simply type in the name of the department you are creating and click "Create"

How to set up Job roles?

You will first need to visit the job roles section, as mentioned previously.

Click Admin Menu - Staff Departments & Sections / Job Roles.

Then you will click "Create New" to open the screen below.

You will now be able to name your job role, and select which department this job role belongs to.

You will now be able to add staff!

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