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Your guide to using the Petty Cash function on Opsyte's Cash Up page

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Where is Petty Cash shown on the Cash Up Page? πŸ’Έ

The Petty Cash function can be found in the Elements table of the Cash Up page.

How to Upload Petty Cash - internet browser πŸ’»

To view and create Petty Cash entries, click the pencil icon next to Petty Cash. This will bring up the following window.

You will then be asked to upload a File, e.g. a receipt, a Description, a Code, the VAT and the Gross value.

If you are integrated with an accounting system: the drop down system under Code will show you a list of account codes that your Petty Cash entry can belong to. It is essential for accounting purposes that you choose the correct code.

If you are not integrated with an accounting system, you will be able to manually fill in your account code / a category.

When your Petty Cash entry has been created, you will see a green success message, and the entry you have created will appear, with the option to edit or delete the entry.

How to Upload Petty Cash - mobile app πŸ“±

You can upload Petty Cash using our mobile app, which is called Opsyte and is available in the UK app store on both IOS and Android.

You can log in to the mobile app using the same email address and password that you use for the Opsyte website.

Once the app is open, click on MORE (the three dots icon) at the bottom right.

You should then click on Petty Cash at the top of the menu that appears.

If you don't see this option in your menu, you may not have the permission to post petty cash. Please speak to your sites admin or customer support.

This page will show you any current Petty Cash entries.

Click the green Add button at the top right to add a new Petty Cash entry.

You will need to fill out the requested information about your petty cash entry, as well as take a photo of your Petty Cash receipt.

When you have completed your entry, press the green Upload button at the top right.

Xero Admin - How to Change the Account Codes Petty Cash is Posted to. πŸ“«

To ensure Petty Cash is posted to the correct account codes, you can limit the account codes that display in the Category list to only ones that are relevant for Petty Cash.

This is done in the Xero Chart of Accounts. If you don't follow these steps and limit the account codes, all account codes will show in the Petty Cash drop down.

In the Chart of Accounts in Xero (advanced accounting --> chart of accounts), you will need to edit the account codes that you would like to show in your Petty Cash section.

You should click the Show In Expense Claims box (pictured above) and press save.

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