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​Invoice Module Overview πŸ“

Invoice Module Overview πŸ“

You will find the Invoice module in your side bar, if you have permission to see it. The module includes the main invoice approvals page, a history of approved invoices, a history of rejected invoices, and Xero mapping information (for Xero clients).

The main invoice approvals page is the first one in the list, it will say Approve (*) - and have the number of invoices you have awaiting approval in brackets.

The Approval page will show you the following detail:

  • The name and description of the invoice.

  • The option to download the invoice.

  • The option to view the invoice on screen.

  • See who else can approve the invoice.

  • The supplier and category that the invoices are mapped to. Note: the category can be changed by selecting another category from the drop down list.

  • The issue date, VAT and value of the invoice.

  • The options to Approve or Reject invoices, and the option to select a rejection reason.

You can also click on the name of an invoice to view that specific invoice in more detail, doing this will open a window similar to the one below:

Approving and Rejecting Invoices βœ…

To approve an invoice, you simple need to tick the box in the Approve column and press the Save button!

To reject an invoice, you need to tick the box in the Reject column and select a reason from the drop down box, then press Save!

Please Note: if you are holding off on approving an invoice because of missing items/awaiting a credit note (or other similar reason that means you might wish to approve this invoice in the near future) - then you can leave a note on the invoice, instead of rejecting it. See the next section to find out how to do this.

Leaving Notes on Invoices πŸ–

If you need to communicate with colleagues about Invoices, then you can do this by using the notes feature. An example of where this might be useful is if you are holding off on approving an invoice because of missing items/awaiting a credit note (or other similar reason that means you might wish to approve this invoice in the near future).
To find the notes function, click on the name of the Invoice in the Approvals page, to open the Invoice in more detail.

Next you will need to click on the green Add Note button on the right hand side.

You will then be able to add your note, and tag relevant people by typing their name into the Notify box underneath. You can tag any Employees or External Users in your company. Click Save Note when you are done.

When notes have been left on Invoices, you will be able to see them from the main Approvals page, they will be highlighted by the Note icon. By rolling over the Note icon, you will be able to view the Note history.

How Invoice Approval Restrictions Work 🚧

Naturally, it may not be appropriate for everyone within the business to see/approve every invoice that the business receives - this is where approval restrictions come in.
Users can be restricted in two ways: by Nominal Code (category) and by monetary value.
​For example, a Chef may be able to approve all Food invoices, but can be restricted from approving anything relating to Rent - this would be done by restricting the Rent category from the Chef.

The business may also want to but a monetary restriction on the Chef, so everything over Β£2000 may need secondary approval. By putting a monetary restriction in place, the Chef will be able to see and vote on the invoice, but final approval will be left to someone with a higher approval threshold.

You will be able to see whether someone has voted on the invoice by seeing the 1 User Approved message underneath the tick box in the Approvals column. By rolling over this message you will see a message telling you who voted to approve it.

Approved and Rejected Invoices History πŸ“„

You can view your companies Approved and Rejected Invoice history by visiting the Approved or Rejected tabs in the side bar.

Within these pages, you can search for specific invoices by using the search bar at the top right:

Or you can click on the date selector at the top of the page to open a calendar, and navigate to specific weeks to view Approved or Rejected Invoices for that week.

Finding out who Approved or Rejected Invoices πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

On the Approved and Rejected pages you will also be able to find out who approved or rejected historical invoices.

To find out this information, look in the Status column and hover over the Approved/Rejected Status to see the name of the Approver/Rejecter appear.

Invoice Supplier Search πŸ”

Within the invoice module you have the ability to search for a specific supplier and view all of the invoices from that supplier.

When you click on Suppliers within the invoice module you will be presented with the below.

You can either go through the list or search for the supplier in the top left. Then if you click on Show invoices you will see all the invoices from that supplier.

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