Preferred Names

Here's what to do if your chosen names differs from your legal name, and you want to be referred to by your chosen name in Opsyte.

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If your preferred name differs to your legal name, you are able to register both in Opsyte. Here's how we handle those details:

Legal Name: We still need to ask for your legal name, as for Payroll and HMRC purposes your employer will need this on record. Your legal name will be stored in your staff details section.

Preferred Name: Your preferred name will be shown to you and your colleagues in all areas of Opsyte, including communication from us such as emails.

How to Set a Preferred Name πŸ‘‹

You can set your preferred name in your profile when you fill in your personal details. To open your profile, click on the human icon in the top right corner and click on My Profile.

You will then be able to click on the View / Edit My Personal Information button.

You will then see the option to enter your Preferred Name towards the top of your personal details page.

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