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Bulletin Board

Our bulletin board is now live, enabling you to send out important messages out to your team.

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This highly requested feature is now live!

Our bulletin board enables you to send out notifications to either all of your employees - or just select departments.

This can be used for many functions; notifying your waiters of a new promotion or simply broadcasting what the soup of the day is, the choice is yours.

Firstly, lets talk about permissions. There are two new permission which come with the bulletin board as seen below, 'Bulletin Board' and 'Bulletin Board Admin'.

Employees do not need any permissions to receive bulletin messages.

If you would like employees to see the entire bulletin board message history then they would require the 'Bulletin Board' permission to be turned on.

If you would like to be able to Create, Send and Delete bulletins, then you would require the 'Bulletin Board Admin' permission.

Once permissions are turned on, you will find the tab for the bulletin board on the left hand side.

Then here, in your main bulletin page, you will see all the bulletins made regardless of which department the notifications were sent to.

This will be the same view for everyone with the 'Bulletin Board' permission. However not everyone will see the "Create" or "Delete" buttons.

If you'd like to create a bulletin you just need to select the green "Create New Bulletin" button.

Here you just need to enter the title and the contents of your bulletin in the boxes below.

In the "who should receive your bulletin" this is where you select which departments you would like to receive a notification.

Employees will receive a notification on their Opsyte as seen below but will also receive a push notification on their phone. If you would like the bulleting to be sent as an email also, you will need to tick the box below the message box.

Once happy, select "Send Bulletin".

Your bulletin post will then appear on the page with the time it was created, the title, who created it and the departments who it was notified to.

To delete any bulletins you would just need to select the red "Delete" button to the right of the article. You will then be presented with a confirmation email before you permanently delete.

Please note: deleting the article will not delete the notification that is sent out to the selected departments.

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