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Customise the Order of your Rota
Customise the Order of your Rota

If you wish to change the order that employees appear in on your rota, or the order of your departments, then here's how!

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This article will cover how to amend the order of your rota, so you can see the employee departments and job roles in the most logical order for your business.

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Step Two - Change the Order πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

Step One - Change Company Settings πŸ‘

Before you can change the order of your departments, you will need to activate the Use Custom Order setting. To do this, you will need to be an Admin user for your company.

To turn on this setting, click on your admin menu (the four squares icon, pictured below).

You will then need to click on the Other Company Settings option.

In this list, you should now click on Rota Settings.

You should now switch the slider (circled in the picture below) to green. This will mean that the custom order we are about to set will be active!

When you click Save, you will need to choose which date you would like this change to be active from.

You can input your desired date, and click Save again.

Step Two - Change the Order πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

To change the order of your rota, you will first need to go back to your admin menu (the four squares icon pictured in step one). When you are inside your admin menu, this time you will need to select the Staff Departments & Sections / Job Roles button.

This will then present you with a page showing you the Job Roles created within your company. If you wish to view a hierarchy of job roles within each department on the rota, then you can adjust this on this page by clicking Order Sections.

You can also do the same for departments, by clicking on the green Manage Departments button (next to the button with the arrow in the picture above).

Once you have clicked on Manage Departments, you will then see an Order Departments button at the top right, this will allow you to adjust the order that the departments will appear on your rota.

Step Three - View Your Rota πŸ“†

The next time you view your rota, you should now see your custom order in action! If you have any further questions about this, please contact customer support. 😊

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