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Connecting Opsyte to Xero
Connecting Opsyte to Xero

In order to post your sales journals, or approve invoices, you will need to connect your Opsyte account to your Xero account, here's how!

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To connect Opsyte to Xero you will need to know your Xero login credentials, as well as be an admin user on Opsyte. If you fit this criteria, then the steps below will help you get Opsyte and Xero linked!

Start by logging into your Opsyte account and visiting this page:

You will see the page above, prompting you to connect to Xero. You should click the blue Connect to Xero button.

You will then be taken to the Xero Login page pictured below, where you will need to input your Xero login details.

Once you have logged in to Xero, you will be able to authorise the connection between Xero and Opsyte, and your accounts will now be linked!

You can now post your sales journals and approve invoices.

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