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April 2023 Release Notes
April 2023 Release Notes
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Spring has finally sprung, and with the start of the new season comes a host of new updates and releases for Opsyte.

These Release Notes will cover:

Holiday Approval by Department πŸ›«

Quickbooks Integration 🌠 - Requested Feature

Quickbooks Search Function πŸ”Ž

Creating/Deleting Old Holiday βœ…βŒ - Requested Feature

What do we mean by a Requested Feature?

We encourage our clients to suggest ideas for improvement by using the Feature Requests option in our side bar. The Feature Requests page allows you to submit your own ideas for improvement, as well as vote and comment on those left by other users. Please get involved and help us to decide what to develop next!
​Click here to view our current Feature Requests!

Holiday Approval by Department πŸ›«

We have now added the option for you to allow staff members to approve holiday by department.

This can be done by heading to the "Manage Department Holiday" section in the Holiday area. (shown below)

Once you are in the department holiday section, you will be shown a dropdown box with a list of all staff who have the holiday permission active (shown below)

Once the staff member has been selected, you will then simply need to select which departments they should have holiday access for using the toggles. (shown below)

Once the departments are selected, save your changes and you will be good to go!

Quickbooks Integration 🌠 - Requested Feature

As requested by you, we have now setup an integration to our invoice module for Quickbooks users. This now massively simplifies the process of invoice approval for anyone using Quickbooks.

If you are using Quickbooks for invoices, but are not currently benefitting from Opsytes invoice system, then please get in touch with [email protected] and one of our friendly support team will be happy to show you how Opsyte can help you streamline your invoice approval process.

Quickbooks Search Function πŸ”Ž

Those already benefitting from our integration with Quickbooks will also benefit from the ability to search for invoices within Opsyte. You can now search by supplier or by invoice number to quickly locate relevant invoices.

Creating/Deleting Old Holiday βœ…βŒ- Requested Feature

As requested by you, those with holiday approval permissions active will now have the ability to create and delete any holiday in the past.

You will only be able to create/delete old holidays during an open payroll period, so make sure the payroll period is unlocked before adding or deleting any requests.

If you have any issues with this then please feel free to contact our friendly support team using the chat bubble at the bottom left of Opsyte πŸ˜€

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