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August 2023 Release Notes
August 2023 Release Notes
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We are delighted to bring you the August edition of our release notes. Our dedicated team has been hard at work, crafting enhancements and optimizations to ensure Opsyte remains cutting-edge.

These Release Notes will cover:

What do we mean by a Requested Feature?

We encourage our clients to suggest ideas for improvement by using the Feature Requests option in our side bar. The Feature Requests page allows you to submit your own ideas for improvement, as well as vote and comment on those left by other users. Please get involved and help us to decide what to develop next!

Click here to view our current Feature Requests!

Staff list search bar πŸ”Ž (Requested Feature)

This new feature may be small, but will make a world of difference for all of our Staff Module users. We have now added a simple to use search bar in the Staff List section of Opsyte. No more manually searching through your staff list for individuals means faster workflows all-round!

Improvements to Rota Notes πŸ“ (Requested Feature)

This month brings a number of improvements and changes to the Rota tool.

Amongst those changes is the frequently requested Rota Notes function.

Now you can see the notes that are added to shifts more clearly by simply hovering over a shift with the mouse! This means no more hidden notes that could be missed by your teams.

Improvements to the Rota 🦺

As usual, our teams have been hard at work to improve the existing functionality of Opsyte's modules. This month, we have released several improvements to the Rota Tool.

These include the hotly anticipated Rota Notes, improvements to the basic functionality and general improvements to the speed of certain features. This means a faster and more user friendly Rota Tool for you and your teams!

Bug Fixes 🦠

As usual, our brilliant development team are working hard to fix any and all bugs that appear in Opsyte.

This month, a number of bug fixes have been implemented, from recurring errors to performance related issues. This means Opsyte just keeps getting better with each new release.

If you do discover any bugs or issues, please raise them to our support team but clicking the live chat bubble at the bottom left of Opsyte. One of our friendly team will be happy to assist!

Invoice System Improvements 🧰 (Requested Feature)

Further improvements have been made to the invoice system to make it more user friendly.

Changes include easier access to Quickbooks for all of integrated clients, the ability to view invoice approval groups in the permissions list, improved error messages for increased transparency and improvements in the recognition of statements that aim to prevent errors.

TrustID Partnership 🀝 (Coming soon)

We are excited to announce a powerful new partnership that will bring un-paralleled levels of security to businesses using our Staff Module.

This powerful new partnership will allow businesses to complete security checks and right to work checks for all of their new starters without having to bounce between multiple sites. Simply complete checks in Opsyte with our powerful new integrated partnership with TrustID.

TrustID are experts in identity document verification services, designed to make identity checks easy, from your office or remotely. As a certified IDSP, hundreds of organisations, large and small, use TrustID's market-leading services to simplify ID checks, protect themselves from fraud, save time and drive efficiencies.

Keep your eyes open for more information coming soon!

Can't wait to find out more? contact [email protected] to enquire further.

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