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Approving and Managing Holiday
Approving and Managing Holiday

How to manage holiday requests and approve/reject employee holiday.

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This article will cover:

Finding the Holiday Page 🌞

To approve/reject any requested holiday, firstly go to the portal menu on the left hand side of the page and select the Staff section.

Once in the staff section, then select Holiday as seen below.

When you are on this page, you are able to manage all of your staff member's holiday requests.

Holidays Requiring Approval πŸ›¬

Here you will find any holiday requests requiring your action. You can view all the details of the requests to check if it is viable, before simply hitting the green tick to approve or the red 'X' to reject.

Upcoming / Taken Holidays πŸŒ„

In this section you will find all previously approved holiday dates. If they are in the future, they will appear in the Upcoming Holidays section, if they are in the past, they will appear in the Taken Holidays section.

Rejected Holidays ❌

In this section you will find any rejected holiday requests. It will also detail who rejected the request and when it was rejected.

Limit Self Approval πŸ’»

When you have the permission to approve holiday there is a separate permission for approving you own holiday. This can be used where there is no one "above you" to approve your holiday.

Holiday Settings πŸ”§

Found in Other Company Settings, this section allows you to control whether unpaid leave needs to be approved by a manager or not.

Holiday Calendar πŸ“†

Your holiday calendar is at the top of the Holiday page. This shows you any approved holidays, requested holidays and unpaid leave. You can navigate your holiday calendar by month using the arrows at the top right of the page.

You employees can also see the same calendar when booking their own holidays.

Managing Holiday by Department πŸ“š

You are now able to give employees without admin access the ability to manage holidays within their departments.

Those with admin access will now be able to see the Manage Department Holiday button at the top right of the Holiday page.

First you will need to make sure you have given the relevant staff the correct permissions to Approve Holiday and view the Holiday Calendar.

Once this is done, head to the Manage Department Holiday section, and select a staff member from the drop down list.

Once you have selected the employee, select which department you would like them to manage using the sliders and select Save Changes.

Now they will be able to view and approve all the relevant holiday requests for their department.

Please note: for any employees with multiple job roles, the holiday request will go towards their default job role department.

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