Clocking In and Out

How to use the website, or mobile app, to clock in and out of work.

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Firstly visit URL: (or on the Clock-in section of the mobile app if you are using that).

You should see your company name on your log in showing you are connected to the correct IP address.

Hint: clock in numbers can be found when a staff member logs in and clicks on their profile. An administrator with Staff List permissions can also see an employee's clock in code on their staff details page.

Type in your unique clock in code and you will presented with the page below. Please note: you will only have 45 seconds for your next action.

Once you have clicked Clock In on the portal, your shift time will start.

Please note: you will be logged out automatically after 10 seconds.

You should then follow the same process to Clock Out after your shift. Once you have done this you will then again be logged out automatically after 10 seconds and be able to view your clock in, clock out and total time worked during this time.

Please note: follow the same process for Break In and Break Out.

Please don't forget to clock out! Your company may opt to auto clock you out and your manager may also elect to receive a notification.

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