Setting Clock In Rules

Set a clocking in location, so employees can only clock in using the app when they are at their workplace!

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You can create two types of Clock In Rule:

  • Location Rules: this uses a location pin to determine where employees can clock in from. Employees will be unable to clock in when they are outside the mapped area.

  • IP Rules: this uses your IP address, so employees will be unable to clock in if they aren't at the workplace.

Follow the instructions below to set your new Clock In Rules.

To set up either a location rule or an IP rule, you will need to follow the same starting steps:

To create a clock in rule to allow clocking in and out firstly navigate your way to the '4 squares' icon in the top right hand corner of the page, then to Clock-In Rules / Locations in Admin - Company Settings.

Once here, you will be presented with an overview of all clocking in and out locations set up for your company's site. These are controlled by either Geo-location or IP Address restrictions.

As you can see from the red text above - until locations are set up, users will be unable to clock in and out for work.

To begin creating a new location, simply click on the green Create New button.

You will then be able to create the name of the location to be able to distinguish between multiple locations.

Once created, your new location will now appear on your Clock-In Locations page.

Next to the location name, you will be given the option to rename, edit rules or delete. Clicking on Edit Rules will enable you to continue setting up your location effectively by creating Clock-In Restrictions.

Here you are able to create new IP and location restrictions.

Create New IP Restriction

This section allows you to set the IP address for your clock in location.

Hint: if you are unsure on your IP address, you can find this information through your WiFi settings. Alternatively, most search engines are very helpful.

Create New Location Restriction

Here you are able to set your current location by double clicking to set the pin on the map. This will also automatically set your longitude and latitude for you.

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