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How to find and use your sales forecast, and how it links to other areas of Opsyte.

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In the Forecast section of Opsyte you are able to input your projected takings. This data is then used to help predict your wage cost percentage, and also plays a roll in other aspects of reporting.

How to find and complete my Forecast

You can find this by going to Financial, then down to Forecast.

You simply need to input your projected takings for each day, you can do this for future weeks by using the date selector at the top of the page.

This data will then be used in the following places:

  • On your rota you will see a warning when your rota'd hours exceed your sales forecast. You can find out more about this warning, and how to change your budget % here.

  • You will see your forecast as part of your wage report, combined with your actual sales.

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