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National Minimum Wage 2021
National Minimum Wage 2021

The UK National Minimum Wage has gone up - read more to find out how you can use Opsyte to help stay compliant

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The UK National Minimum Wage rates have increased on 1st April 2021.

Previous rate

Rate from April 2021


National Living Wage




21-22 Year Old Rate




18-20 Year Old Rate




16-17 Year Old Rate




Apprentice Rate




Accommodation Offset




Opsyte helps protect you from employing or paying incorrect wages by the following methods:

1. If an employee has been allocated an incorrect pay rate, you will be allerted on the payroll page and you will not be able to approve payroll until the issue has been fixed. Don't worry! As we know the minimum wages, we can fix the issue automatically for you - just click on 'Fix Payrates'

2. If an employee (hourly or salary) is given shifts on the rota and their pay is under the minimum wage, you will still be able to give this person a shift. However you will be shown a warning to let you know their rate will need fixing

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