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Setting up a Payroll Calendar
Setting up a Payroll Calendar

How to create your payroll calendar!

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Your payroll calendar should be set up by your company's administrator.

Please be sure of your proposed calendar before creating it - once it has been set up it is quite a long process to change!

Find your admin settings at the top right of the page. You won't see this if you are not an admin:

Under your admin settings you will see 'Payroll Calendar'

You will then have the option to add a calendar.

You can edit any previously added calendars by clicking on the relevant year under 'Accounting Year' at the top.

If you are part of a group, you will not need to set up a new calendar unless your payroll calendar differs from your group calendar. You can specify this by clicking on 'Company Specific?'

You then have 6 payroll calendar options to choose from - if your payroll calendar is not within these 6 please contact us for help.

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