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Setting up a Payroll Calendar
Setting up a Payroll Calendar

How to create your payroll calendar!

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Your payroll calendar should be set up by your company's administrator.

Please be sure of your proposed calendar before creating it - once it has been set up it is quite a long process to change!

Adding a payroll calendar

1. Click on your admin settings.

2. Click "Payroll Calendar"

3. Select the accounting year.

4. Enter the start date for the payroll year.

5. Select your payroll frequency and press "create".

If you are part of a group, you will not need to set up a new calendar unless your payroll calendar differs from your group calendar. You can specify this by clicking on 'Company Specific?'

How to edit a payroll calendar

6. Select the year you wish to edit

7. Click "Edit"

8. Enter the correct date and press save.

Add an extra period

9. Click "Add Period"

10. Input period number, start date, and end date.


If your payroll calendar does not align with the frequencies above, please follow the guidelines below.

1. Click "Download Template"

2. The download includes a simple Excel file to complete.

3. Choose the file to upload.

4. Press "Import"


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