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Creating and Redeeming Deposits
Creating and Redeeming Deposits
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If you have more questions about deposits, and can't find the information here, please feel free to drop me a message by using the green chat button.

If you wish to cancel or edit a deposit, you can view our article here.

Creating a Deposit

You will find our deposits feature on your Cash Up page in the Elements table, as pictured below.

To add a new deposit, click the pencil icon next to "Deposits Received". This will open the following window:

You can then enter the information about the deposit, such as the event name, the contact details of the person making the booking, the date of the event, the amount taken, any required notes and upload a file if relevant!

Once you have clicked "create new deposit" the deposit will appear in the "deposits taken today" window.

Redeeming a Deposit

On the day of the event, you will need to "redeem" the deposit, so the revenue counts on that day's cash up. On the day of the event, a notification will appear above the Elements Table to alert you that deposits need to be redeemed on that day.

To redeem a deposit, click on the "deposits receieved" button. You will see any deposits needed to be redeemed that day highlighted in yellow.

Click the "redeem" button to redeem the deposit.

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