If you are needing to upload a document to a single employee's profile, then you will find the information on how to do so here. Alternatively, you can also add generic documents to for all employees to read and sign (e.g. staff handbooks). Please see our Setting up new Documents article for information on generic documents.

To add a document to a specific employee, you will need to visit their employee profile. You can navigate here by clicking on "Staff List" in the side bar, then clicking on the employee's name who's profile you wish to view.

When you are in the employee's profile, you will need to click the "Documents" tab. You will then see the "Other Documents" section at the bottom, as pictured below.

You can add a document to the employee's profile by clicking the "Add" button on the right hand side.

You will have to give the document a name, and select whether or not the employee needs to e-sign the document by ticking the box. When you are done, click "Create".

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