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Employee Profile Notes
Employee Profile Notes

How to add management notes to an employee's profile.

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Our Staff Notes feature allows you to place notes on an employee's profile - great for internal communication between management.

To view the Staff Notes feature, you will need to have the "Staff Notes" permission enabled. If you are not an admin yourself, your site's admin will be able to give you access if required. The permission appears in the list as below.

To view the staff notes section, you will need to be on the employee's profile. You can navigate here by clicking on the employee's name in the Staff List. You will see a tab saying "notes" as pictured below.

You can then click the "add new note" button, and we will automatically date stamp it for you when it is created.

If you need to remove an old note, you can do so by clicking the red bin icon on the right hand side.

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