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December 2021 Release Notes
December 2021 Release Notes
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As the year draws to its close, we bring you our final update of 2021. Read on to be brought up to speed on our new releases this December! πŸŽ‰
It's been another challenging festive period for hospitality, and no doubt further challenges are ahead, but for now we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‡πŸŽ…

These notes will cover the following updates:

What do I mean by (feature request)?

Feature Requests are ideas for improvements that have been suggested by our users. You can find our Feature Requests tab in the side bar. Here you can leave a new feature request, as well as vote on those left by other users. Our team reviews this page when we decide which areas to develop further, so we appreciate your input!

New Contract Functionality

Contracts can now be printed! If an employee wishes to have a hard copy of their contract, it can now be printed directly from the Contracts page by either employees or managers. To find out more about how to print contracts, please view our article here.

Improved Organisation in Rota Approvals

Our rota organises staff by splitting them into "departments" - however our rota approvals page simply gave you an alphabetised list of staff. To aid you with your organisation, we have implemented this Feature Request which will now sort your Rota Approvals by department.

Unapproved Invoices Export for Xero Clients

With Opsyte's Invoices module, our aim is to help your business easily manage your invoice approvals. This new update takes this a step further. You can now export a file which shows you every unapproved Invoice in your company, along with a list of who is authorised to approve that invoice.
​Note: don't worry, people will only see invoices on the export that they have permission to see on Opsyte.
To learn more about how to export this file, please visit our article here.

Editing and Cancelling Deposits

On our new Cash Up Page, we added the functionality for you to be able to edit and cancel your own deposits, instead of having to reaching out to Customer Support to help you with this.

You can learn more about how to do this by visiting our article here.

Rota Improvements

We have made "Compact Mode" the default view when displaying the rota. This means you will see more rows by default. If you prefer to see more information, including the employee job titles for each shift, you can click the button under the "Rota Menu" to toggle this setting.

In addition, we have also made it more obvious when a rota is in "DRAFT" state. Employees will not see shifts, until your rota is published. You can click "Publish All Shifts" to quickly publish the rota for each of your departments.

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