Holiday Accrual

Everything you need to know about Opsyte's holiday accrual functionality.

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Holiday Accrual is part of our staff module and allows you to track your staff's holiday balances.

If you don't have holiday accrual enabled, and would like this feature switched on for your company, please contact the support team by using the green chat icon on your screen!

This article will cover the following points:

How to Navigate Holiday Accrual - Management View

To view the holiday accrual page, you will be able to locate it in the Staff section of the sidebar. Click on Staff, then Holiday Accrual.

This will open the holiday accrual page. You will be shown two tables of employees, your hourly paid staff will be in one, and the salaried staff in the other.

You will be shown a table detailing different aspects of the holiday accrual, including current and pending balances, and any associated costs. If you are unsure about how a figure is calculated, hover over the blue "i" icon to see more detail.

If staff have multiple job roles, you will be able to view a breakdown of hours accrued in each job role (and associated costs) by clicking on that employees row. This will open a drop down menu as pictured below.

In this section, you will also be able to add extra holiday days to employees, or make adjustments to their holiday balance. You will find details of how to do this in the How to Change Staff Holiday Balances section of this article.

How to Navigate Holiday Accrual - Staff View

Staff will be able to view their holiday balances by clicking on the Request Holiday section in their profile menu. Click on the human icon in the top right corner, then on Request Holiday.

When in this menu, staff will be able to view a breakdown of their taken vs accrued holiday, a holiday balance, and an estimated holiday forecast.

This page is also where staff can book holidays, and view a table of their upcoming holidays.

How to set your Company's Default Holiday Days for Salaried Staff

Your default holiday setting will control how many holiday days a salaried staff member would be entitled to over a full calendar year. When you hire a new salaried staff member, you will be given the option to change their holiday days per annum at this point as well.

To find the setting, click on the four squares icon in the top right corner to open your admin menu.

When you are in your admin menu, click on Other Company Settings then Holiday Settings.

You will then be able to change the default holiday days for your company. When you click Save, you will be asked which date you would like your changes to be valid from.

How we Calculate Hourly Accrual and Holiday Days for Hourly Staff

Holiday accrual for hourly staff members is calculated based on their hours worked. To be exact, they will accrue holiday at a rate of 12.07% of hours worked. Hours will only be added to the staff's holiday accrual once the shifts have been approved in the rota.

For example, if an employee has worked 10 hours in a week, they will accrue 1.2 hours holiday.

When employees book a day's holiday, the number of hours deducted from their holiday balance will be an average of their shift length from the previous 12 weeks.

For example, if an employee has an average shift length of 7 hours for the past 12 weeks, a day's holiday will deduct 7 hours from their holiday balance.

How to Change Staff Holiday Balances (both increase and decrease)

If you need to make adjustments to your staff's holiday balance, you can use our offset holiday allowance functionality to either increase or decrease a staff member's holiday balance.

Examples of when you may need to use this feature are:

  • You have given extra holiday days as a bonus to staff.

  • You are carrying over holiday from a previous holiday year.

  • You are setting up holiday accrual part way through a holiday year and need to deduct holiday already taken.

To use this function, visit the Holiday Accrual page and click on a staff member's name to view their green drop-down menu.

On the right-hand side of the drop-down menu, you will see a green Add button. Click on this button to open the Offset Holiday Allowance window.

You will then be shown the employee's name, department, and job role, with the option to change holiday hours accrued and holiday hours taken.

Putting a number in holiday hours accrued will increase the employee's holiday balance by this value for the current holiday year.

Putting a number in holiday hours taken will decrease the employee's holiday balance by this value for the current holiday year.

Once you have made your changes, click Save.

For a video on how to transfer staff holiday balances to the new holiday year, download the video below!

How to Export the Holiday Accrual File

You can export an Excel file detailing the holiday balances of all staff. To export this file, visit the Holiday Accrual page.

In the top right corner, you will see a green Download to Excel button.

Simply click this button to Export your file.

Once you have pressed download you will see you can also download holiday accrual information for all sites if you have a multi-site setup, as shown below.

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