Setting your Signature

Signatures are used for Invoice Approvals and signing Contracts and Documents - here's how to set yours.

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The first time you visit a page that requires a signature (invoice approvals, signing contracts and signing documents) you will be prompted to set one. However, if you wish to change it at any time you can still do so in your profile.

To find this page, click on your profile icon and then My Signature.

On the My Signature page you will see your current signature, as well as the option to set a new signature.

To draw your signature, click and drag in the white box to create your signature. If you get it wrong, you can press the Undo or Clear Signature buttons underneath.

To select a text signature, click on Select Signature button and you will see a drop down list of fonts to choose from:

Click on the fonts to see them appear in the white box. You can draw in the white box too if you wish to add to the signature!

To save your signature, click the Save Signature button.

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