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May 2022 Release Notes
May 2022 Release Notes


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As always, our team of developers at Opsyte have been working hard this month to bring you an even better experience. We hope you enjoy the new and improved features in this release!

These Release Notes will cover:

Staff Module Updates

Shift Swapping πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ³

Payroll Reminders for Tronc πŸ’· - requested feature

Financial Module Updates

Locking Cash Up Warning πŸ”’ - requested feature

Reporting Module Updates

Maintenance Log Improvements πŸ”¨ - requested feature

Incident Report Improvements πŸ”₯ - requested feature

Comps Report πŸ’Έ - requested feature

What do I mean by Requested Feature?

We encourage our clients to suggest ideas for improvement by using the Feature Requests option in our side bar. The feature requests page allows you to submit your own ideas for improvement, as well as vote and comment on those left by other users. Please get involved and help us to decide what to develop next!

Click here to view our current Feature Requests!

Staff Module Updates

Shift Swapping πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ³

We are very excited to bring you our Shift Swapping feature. Shift Swapping allows staff members to offer up their shifts for swapping with colleagues of the same job role. This feature still allows management overall control too! By locking and unlocking departments on the rota, and assigning user permissions, management can control who is able to swap shifts.

To get this new feature turned on, please contact customer support through the green chat button on our website!

There is plenty of information about how to use Shift Swapping in our article here.

Improvements for Adding Staff 🀡

Previously, if you needed to create a new department/job role for an employee you would have to do this by visiting the Admin menu. We have improved this, by giving you the ability to create new departments and job roles while on the Add Staff screen.

Click on the Add More button next to Department and Section / Job Role to open a window on screen that allows you to create new departments and job roles, as well as edit and organise the ones you already have!

Payroll Reminders for Tronc πŸ’·

Tronc must be approved on a weekly basis, and this needs to be done before Payroll is locked otherwise the Tronc figures in your Payroll file won't be accurate! Therefore, we have made it easier to remember to complete this important process.

Now, if you attempt to lock your Payroll Period before your Tronc is approved you will be shown a warning, and will be unable to lock the Payroll file before Tronc is finalised.

Financial Module Updates

Locking Cash Up Warning πŸ”’

To help ensure the Cash Up isn't locked accidentally, we have introduced a new window that will appear when you try to lock a week before that week has finished.

An example of this is pictured below.

You will still be able to lock the week if this was your intention, by clicking the lock week button. Alternatively you can simply click Cancel if clicking Lock Week was unintentional.

Reporting Module Updates

Comps Report πŸ’Έ

We have introduced a Comps report, which will allow you to generate a report showing all Comps for a selected period of time.

This report will be enabled automatically for everyone who has the Comps Cashup Permission, and you will find it in the Reports section of your sidebar - if your company has Reporting enabled.

The Comps Report is also exportable to Excel! Simply select Excel from your Download Report menu.

Maintenance Log Improvements πŸ”¨

To increase the functionality of our Maintenance module, we will now send out emails to the person who a maintenance task is assigned to. The email will contain a link to take you directly to the Maintenance Request!

Incident Report Improvements πŸ”₯

To improve your communication around Incidents, people with Incidents History permission will now receive emails when a new Incident Report is created.

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