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June 2022 Release Notes
June 2022 Release Notes
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These Release Notes will Cover:

Deposits Search Feature πŸ” - requested feature

Shift Feedback Fix πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

What do I mean by Requested Feature?

We encourage our clients to suggest ideas for improvement by using the Feature Requests option in our side bar. The feature requests page allows you to submit your own ideas for improvement, as well as vote and comment on those left by other users. Please get involved and help us to decide what to develop next!

Click here to view our current Feature Requests!

Feature Requests Improvement ⭐

Our clients suggesting new features is both welcomed and encouraged, which is why every single user has the Feature Requests tab in their side bar. Previously though - this communication was one way only... Our new Feature Requests Improvement mean that when Opsyte reply to your feature requests, you will receive a notification telling you that we have responded!

We are looking forward to being able to update you with greater ease on the progress of your requests. If you'd like to check out the current requests, and vote on them, you can visit the page by clicking here.

Date Selector Improvements πŸ“†

We have improved the date selectors on our reporting pages. You are now able to easily select the Financial / Payroll period that you wish to view. When you click on the date selector it will now show you a compressed list of years, the option to view this week or last week, and the option to choose a custom date range.

Click on the years to expand them and view your Financial / Payroll periods:

Deposits Search Feature πŸ”

You are now able to search for deposits! In the Deposits Received window in the Cash Up page, you will now see that you're able to search for events rather than navigating the pages of events that you may have.

Please note: events that are due to be redeemed on that date will still show at the top of your list highlighted in yellow!

Shift Feedback Fix πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

We fixed an issue in Shift Feedback, where if an employee clicked their feedback option multiple times the system would error and not record their feedback. Find out more about our shift feedback feature here!

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