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Changing your National Insurance number
Changing your National Insurance number
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As part of our latest update, we have now given staff the ability to change their own NI numbers within Opsyte. This is to save you from having to contact our support teams to get this changed making things easier for you 😊

To change your own NI number in Opsyte just follow these steps:

Navigate to "My Profile"

At the top right of Opsyte, Click the profile icon shown below:

Then select "My Profile" from the drop down list

Navigate to the edit personal info screen

In your profile, in the middle of the screen select the "view/edit my personal Information" button shown below:

Edit National insurance number

In the personal information section, scroll down towards the bottom of the screen until you find the Payroll Information screen.

Here you can amend your National Insurance number.

Once you have entered the correct National Insurance number, select the "save information" button at the bottom of the screen.


If you struggle to locate this or you are having trouble entering or saving your National Insurance number, then please get in touch with one of our friendly support team using the green chat bubble at the bottom of the screen 😊

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