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Uploading Payslips to Employees
Uploading Payslips to Employees
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This article will guide you through how to upload Payslips to employees on Opsyte.

Before you begin this process, you will need all payslips to be within one file, with each payslip containing the employee's NI Number.

How to Upload Payslips

1. Click "Staff"

2. Click "Payroll"

3. Click "Upload Payslips"

4. Click "Choose File" and select the file with all Payslips within.

5. Select Payroll Period at the top of the page

From here Opsyte will match each Payslip in the file to the employees based upon the employee's NI Number and the NI number within the document.

6. However if the employee's NI number does not match, you can manually select the employee for each document.

7. If you have a Payslip that you do not want to assign, select "Skip File"

8. Once happy with all documents, click "Publish Payslips"

9. Click "Publish" to confirm the payslips.

The Payslips will now be published onto the employees profile and the employees will be able to view them within their documents.

How to View Employee Payslips

1. To view employees' payslips, click "Staff List"

2. Click on the employee name.

3. Click "Payslips"

4. Click "View Payslip"

5. If you need to delete the payslip or the user, click "Delete"


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