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Create Employee Documents.
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Uploading documents to the portal can be very useful during your employee onboarding process. You can use this feature to request copies of employee documents like passports, to get employees to read and sign induction booklets, and to get employees to fill in other onboarding documents, like health declarations and health and safety training.


1. Click on "Company Settings"

2. Click "Employee Documents"

3. Click "Create New"

4. Input "Document Name".

5. Select whether or not Priority.

6. You can only select "Department Specific" if it is "Company Specific".

7. Select Department.

8. Select the priority of the document.

9. You can change the color as shown below.

10. If you would like reminders sent to employees, then enable " reminder".

11. Enter the number of days before a reminder is sent.

12. To view in staff "Overview" Click on "Tracked"

13. Select the document to upload.

14. If employees need to edit a file, and upload their own you must enable this option.

16. Click "Create"

​Viewing an Employee's Documents

Once an employee has uploaded a document, a manager can view them. To view a document, follow these steps:

Step One: Navigate to "Staff List".

Step Two: click on the name of the staff member whose documents you need to view.

Step Three: select the "documents" tab.

Note - you will need to have the correct "permissions" before you can access this


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