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Add New Employees

Guidelines on adding new staff members to the Opsyte portal.

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1. Click "Staff"

2. Click "- Add Staff"

3. Click "New Employee"

4. Input the "Employee Email Address..." and press "Submit".

5. Input the Employee's details.

6. Input the Employee job role, rate, etc...

7. Slide the TrustID toggle if Opting in.

8. Click "Employ Staff Member"

9. This will take you to the permissions page, here you will need to enable any permissions the employee needs. If you are unsure of the permission, you can click above it to view a description.

10. Click "Save Permissions" These can be updated at any point during the employee's employment.

11. It will now ask you to edit their department restrictions. More information on Permissions and Restrictions.

12. Once edited click "Save Restrictions".

13. You have successfully added an employee to Opsyte!... please ask them to check their spam and junk folder. (Ask the employee to add Opsyte as a "safe sender" in the e-mail account.)



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