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Printing Contracts

Learn how to print out contracts stored on Opsyte

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This article will cover:

How to print your own contract, as an Employee

Start by visiting your profile menu in the top right corner

Then click 'My Contracts'

Next find the contract your would like to print, then click 'View Contract'

Click 'Print Contract'

Now select 'Print'

When the window comes up, pick your printer settings and click the 'print' button in the bottom right

How to print a contract, as a Manager

First navigate to the staff tab on the left hand side

Then click the contracts button

On this page, find the relevant staff member and click 'View'

From here you can click 'Print Contract'

On the next page you can see a print button in the same place

A print window will pop up where you adjust your print settings. When you're ready click print on the bottom right.


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