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Creating and Using Rota Templates
Creating and Using Rota Templates

If you have regular shifts that need inputting, our templating function will give you a quick and easy way to automatically input them!

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Using a template is a very easy and efficient way of inputting regular staff shifts into your rota quickly. This is especially helpful when entering staff that have contracted hours at the same times each week.

For example, if you have a member of staff whose contracted hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 and this never changes, then it is far simpler to set these up on a template, rather than wasting time adding them manually every week!

Setting up a template

To set up a template, add all of the regular hours to your rota as you normally would on a new blank week.

Once you have done this go to the top left hand corner and click on Rota Menu, this will in turn give you a drop down menu, the select Templating as shown below.

From here you can save this rota as a template by going to Create new. You can set a name for the template underneath so that if you're creating multiple templates you distinguish between them.

When you are happy with the name of the template, then simply hit Create. Your template is now saved to the system.

Selecting a template

To select a template for a future week, go to the week that you want to add the template and follow the same process as above to the Templates page (Rota Menu > Templating).

This time go to Select existing, click the drop down and find your previously created template that you wish to use and hit Select.

The template will then automatically be entered for that week.

Please note: selecting a template will replace your current rota. This means that any shifts already inputted will be overwritten for that particular week.

Once the template has been selected you can always add to it or amend it at a later date before published. All previously approved holiday, sick leave or unpaid leave will already appear on the rota and override any templated shift.

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