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Approving Shifts on the Rota
Approving Shifts on the Rota

How to confirm the shifts on the rota and send them to Payroll for approval.

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Rota Approvals

Approving a shift on the rota will send the hours worked by the employee straight to the payroll section of the portal, ready for further approval from the payroll admin. This is typically a function only used at a management level.

Firstly, it is important to be able to distinguish the difference between approved and unapproved shifts.

Shifts needing approval

Any shift needing approval will be in yellow to show it is currently unapproved.

Shifts already approved

Any shift that has already been approved will be in green and will already be in the payroll for that period.

How to approve shifts

Navigate your way to the rota by going to the side bar on the left of the page, into the Staff section, then in to Rota.

Once on the rota, you will be able to see an overview of all the shifts for that week.

The rota can now be created separately for each department within your business. For example shifts and hours worked for Waiting staff can be approved separately to those of Management or Kitchen.

To approve a shift, find the correct day of the shifts you would like to approve and click the 'A' button underneath as shown below.

This will then take you to the Rota Approval section. This allows you to view and amend forecasted hours vs actual hours worked for that day.

Forecast (Rota) shows you the hours that staff members were due to work and remain locked.

Approvals allows you to input any variance on actual hours worked. Please note: this is the information that will be sent directly to the payroll portal, so make sure this is as accurate as possible!

When you are happy that all of the information in Approvals is correct, simply hit the green Submit Approved Hours in the top right hand corner of the page.

You will then get a message to tell you that the shifts have been successfully approved for that day, along with the option to Unlock Approved Shifts for any further editing. Please note that unlocking shifts requires a separate permission to locking shifts.

Click back to the Rota and you will then see that all shifts for that day should now be in green and the 'A' button has been replaced with a tick to show all shifts have been approved.

You have now successfully approved all shifts for that day and they will now appear on the Payroll section of the portal.

Non Worked shifts

This is for if you have an employee who does not work the shift that was scheduled for them. When you are approving hours for the employee in question you just need to enter their approved hours as 00:00 as seen below.

Once you have selected the green Approve button and approved your hours, The non worked shift will now look like the below on your rota.

Hint: if there are no shifts to be approved for a particular day, look out for the orange '!' to show there is no action required!

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