Empty Rota

If you have an "empty rota" here's how to start moving in the right direction.

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There are a couple of reasons why you may see an empty rota...

1. You haven't added staff yet.
2. Your Restrictions prevent you from seeing the rota.

Below are the solutions to these situations.

You Haven't Added Staff

Before you can start working with your rota, you must add staff. Without any staff employed, your rota will appear blank

I have added staff but the rota is still empty?

If you have added staff but you are still getting the above message, please make sure your employee start dates are correct and you haven't chosen to view a rota before the first start date of your first employee!

Your Restrictions are Preventing you from seeing a Rota.

If your Restrictions are set you "No Access" then you will be unable to view a rota. Your Restrictions are able to be changed by users with admin permissions, they can do this by visiting the Admin menu and clicking on "Department Restrictions"

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