Opsyte allows employees to upload any personal documents directly to the portal from their profile. This can save a lot of time and effort when chasing Right To Work (RTW) documents when onboarding new starters.

You can also upload a document to just one employee's profile if needed (e.g. appraisals) - you can find information on this here.

This article will cover:

Setting up/Requesting Employee Documents

Uploading documents to the portal can be very useful during your employee onboarding process. You can use this feature to request copies of employee documents like passports, to get employees to read and sign induction booklets and to get employees to fill in other onboarding documents, like health declarations and health and safety trainings.

To upload a document, firstly click on the '4 squares' icon in the top right hand corner of the page, as shown below.

From there navigate through the admin settings to Employee Documents. Here you will find a list of any previously uploaded documents along with some details on each one. Click the green Create New button just above this.

Here is where you can create your document, adding information such as the name of the document, whether the document is specific to the company, whether or not you would like a prompt sent to staff, the priority level and whether it's time critical, amongst other settings.

Here you'll also decide how the employee processes the document, there's a few different ways this can happen:

  • The employee needs to upload a document to the system, e.g. passports.

  • The employee needs to simply read and sign a document, e.g. induction booklets, consent forms.

  • The employee needs to download, complete and upload a document, e.g. training checklists.

Once you have created the document it will then be sent out to all relevant staff and appear on their Dashboard.

Viewing an Employee's Documents

Once an employee has uploaded a document, a manager can view them. To view a document, follow these steps:

note - you will need to have the correct "permissions" before you can access this

Step One: navigate to "Staff List"

Step Two: click on the name of the staff member who's documents you need to view

Step Three: select the "documents" tab

This area will show you the employee's incomplete documents, as well as those that they have completed. Simply click "view" next to the document you need to access.

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