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November 2021 Release Notes
November 2021 Release Notes
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Our team of developers at Opsyte have been working hard again this month to continue to bring you a better experience. We have made some improvements that we’d like to tell you about! 🎉

These release notes will cover:

Staff Notes (requested feature)

What do I mean by (requested feature)?

Requested Features are ideas for improvements that have been suggested by our users. You can find our Feature Requests tab in the side bar. Here you can leave a new feature request, as well as vote on those left by other users. Our team reviews this page when we decide which areas to develop further, so we appreciate your input!

Documents for Individual Employees

Our Document and Contract processing function is part of our Staff module, and we are happy that many of our clients find it useful! However until now, you haven't been able to upload documents that are specific to one employee (e.g. appraisals, disciplinaries, right to work forms).

This very requested feature is now possible! You can add documents to specific employees, and request them to be e-signed if required.

To find out more about adding documents to individual employees, including a step by step guide, please visit our Documents for Individual Employees article in the help centre.

Staff Notes

We love actioning your feature requests, here's one that you may all find useful. You are now able to add notes on a staff member's profile: this is a permission based function, and could be really useful for internal conversation between management.

To enable access to staff notes, you/your admin will need to enable the "staff notes" permission.

This will allow you access to the Staff Notes section, this simple function will allow you to record notes about an employee. E.g. due a performance review / is often on their mobile / should be given a bonus.

These notes will be date stamped, to allow you to keep track of conversation history.

For more information, see our Employee Profile Notes article.

New Employee Processes

We have made some improvements to the process that new employees go through once they are added to Opsyte. Previously, on the first log in employees would have to click a button to accept an invitation to join your company. We received feedback that this process was a little confusing, so we have taken action and removed the need for majority of employees to accept an invitation.

The only employees who will be asked to accept an invitation now, are those who are already employed by a different company on Opsyte.

This is also great news for management...

When you add a new employee, you will now be able to see them on the rota straight away, instead of waiting for them to accept their invitation!

We hope that this simplified process will improve the experience of new employee's joining Opsyte. As always, we welcome your suggestions about how we can further improve your experience.

Speed Improvements


We received some feedback from our clients, letting us know that the rota can be slow to load sometimes. We want to help you increase your efficiency at work - so we've listened and made some changes to this process, and are delighted that the rota loads considerably faster now.

Clocking In
The other speed improvement we have made is in the clocking in process, clocking in will feel faster now too - with less loading!

Cash Up Page: Unmapped Items Alert

This is relevant for all of you with a till integration! You will now see an alert (as pictured below) if there are categories/payment methods on your till, that aren't appearing on Opsyte.

When this banner appears, it means that you need to set up the new item's mapping. Please contact Customer Support and we will be happy to do this for you!

Publish Rota Reminder Email

We have noticed that sometimes publishing the rota gets forgotten, and without a published rota your employees are unable to see their upcoming shifts. Therefore, if the rota hasn't been published, those with permission will now receive an email to remind them to publish the rota!

Reviews on Homepage

We recently sent out an email asking for you to complete a review for us, and we are delighted that many of you took the time to do so! We are now displaying our Capterra review score on our homepage. Thank you.

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