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January 2022 Release Notes
January 2022 Release Notes

Opsyte's release notes for January 2022

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It is with delight that I can tell you that our first release of the year is also a highly anticipated one! We bring to you some very requested functionality and some new exciting features - I am looking forward to telling you about it. πŸŽ‰

These Release Notes Will Cover:

Shift Feedback! πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ³

Blog Updates πŸ“

What do I mean by (requested feature)?

Requested Features are ideas for improvements that have been suggested by our users. You can find our Feature Requests tab in the side bar. Here you can leave a new feature request, as well as vote on those left by other users. Our team reviews this page when we decide which areas to develop further, so we appreciate your input!

Holiday Accrual! πŸŽ‡

Keeping track of how much holiday your staff are due is an arduous manual process that we are incredibly excited to automate for you! Our new Holiday Accrual functionality gives management a comprehensive view of the holiday accrual and any associated costs, as well as giving both salaried and hourly staff an insight into their own holiday balances.

When you first visit the holiday accrual page, you will see an on screen tour appear to show you around the new page. We hope you find this useful!

You can also find plenty of information about holiday accrual in our article here.

Shift Feedback! πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ³

Shift feedback is a new exciting feature that allows you to get feedback directly from your employees as they clock out from their shift. You can choose from our set questions, or request your own!

It's a well known fact that happy staff are more motivated and more productive, we hope this feature give you a stepping stone to a better workplace.

Shift feedback will be defaulted to turn on for everyone using the tablet clocking in/out method - so to find out how to use it, please view our article here!

Clocking In/Out Time Rounding ⏰ - requested feature

This requested feature will allow you to round clock in/out times to the nearest specified interval. You will be able to turn this setting on in your company settings if you desire to use it!
For example, if you set clock in times to round to the nearest 15 minute interval, 15:43 would become 15:45 and 19:08 would become 19:15 in your rota approvals.
To learn more about how to navigate this setting, please visit our article here.

Blog Updates πŸ“

We have updated our blog to make it easier for you to navigate! Blog posts will now be sorted by Category, which allows you to search for only the posts that interest you.

If you'd like to check our blog out, please do by clicking here.

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