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February 2022 Release Notes
February 2022 Release Notes
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Can you believe it's already the end of February?

We've spent this month improving Opsyte for you again, and have created some new great features. πŸŽ‰

These Release Notes will cover:

New Sales Report! πŸ“ˆ - requested feature

Text Signatures! πŸ“

Daily Snapshot Report Improvements! βœ… - requested feature

What do we mean by Requested Feature?

Requested Features are ideas for improvements that have been suggested by our users. You can find our Feature Requests tab in the side bar. Here you can leave a new feature request, as well as vote on those left by other users. Our team reviews this page when we decide which areas to develop further, so we appreciate your input!

New Sales Report! πŸ“ˆ

We now have all of our Financial clients using our new and improved Cash Up and Reporting pages! However, during this transition one of our clients pointed out that one of the reports wasn't quite as good as the old one.

Therefore, we have given our old Weekly Sales report a new face, as well as making it able to be exported to Excel. The Weekly Sales Report gives you a tabular view of your weeks sales data, and can be found in the Reports section of your sidebar.

Text Signatures! πŸ“

You can set your signature in your profile and this is used in various parts of Opsyte, including approving invoices, signing documents and signing contracts. Previously, your only option to set a signature was to click and drag to click and drag to trace a signature. But we've added a new option... you can now select a signature from our pre-set list of fonts - a much more accessible option for people who have difficulty tracing them!

To learn more about how to set your signature, visit our article here.

Daily Snapshot Report Improvements! βœ…

The Snapshot report is found on the Cash Up page and allows you to send a daily email with all the important statistics from the day's trade to selected members of your team!

Due to popular demand, we have made some improvements to the Snapshot report.

  • The Notes box has been made larger, and you can change it's size if you wish to write a more detailed note!

  • The Snapshot Report now includes a Comps table, so you can keep track of your complimentary sales.

  • The customisability of the Snapshot has also improved, allowing you to choose which tables you would like to have shown in your company's Snapshot.

To find out more about the Snapshot Report, you can view our article here!

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