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April 2022 Release Notes
April 2022 Release Notes
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The end of April brings with it another exciting release. This month our development team have been improving some existing features, and bringing you even more functionality to some of our most used pages.

The team have also developed some brand new features, as well as improving our mobile app!

This Release Covers:

Payroll Improvements

Approving Shifts on Payroll Page πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

Sage Payroll Export πŸ“ (requested feature)

Staff Module Improvements

Gender Inclusivity Improvements πŸŽ‰ (requested feature)

Cash Up Page Improvements

Automatic Posting of Sales on Locking πŸ”’ (requested feature)

Hiding of the Safe Checks Table πŸ’° (requested feature)

Shift Feedback on Snapshot Report 🀡🏽 (requested feature)

What do I mean by Requested Feature?

We encourage our clients to suggest ideas for improvement by using the Feature Requests option in our side bar. The feature requests page allows you to submit your own ideas for improvement, as well as vote and comment on those left by other users. Please get involved and help us to decide what to develop next!

Payroll Improvements

New Look for our Payroll Page πŸ’Έ

We are delighted to have given the Payroll page a new look, bringing the aesthetic up to the new and improved standard of our Cash Up and Reporting pages. The page is now much clearer to read, and much friendlier to look at!

Our Payroll Downloads also have a new look, making it clearer for you to see the total Payroll costs, and highlighting important fields.

Approving Shifts on Payroll Page πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

Opsyte's Payroll cannot be locked if there are any unapproved shifts in the payroll period, so we have now made it even easier to get your shifts approved.

The unapproved shifts buttons will now bring up rota approvals on screen - so you can process your rota approvals without having to go back and forth between pages!

Payroll Download Improvements and Customisation πŸ’·

You are now able to download custom periods from the Payroll calendar. You may wish to do this if you want to see staff costs for a custom time period, or to check staff information.

On the date selector, you will now see a "custom period" option. Find more information about how to use it in our article here!

Sage Payroll Export πŸ“

Great news for accountants... We now offer a CSV Payroll Export that will allow you to import Payroll directly into Sage 50Cloud Payroll! The requires you to set up your External Payroll Identifiers and Sage Payment References in Opsyte - find plenty of information for how to set up and use this export in our article here.

Staff Module Improvements

Shift Feedback is Now On Mobile πŸ“±

Businesses using our tablet based clocking in method have already been reaping the rewards of our Shift Feedback feature, which brings you feedback data directly from your staff.

On clocking out from work, employees can be presented with a customisable question / questions.

This feature will be live on mobile with our next mobile app update!
You can learn more about our shift feedback feature, and how to change / set your own questions, in our article here.

Gender Inclusivity Improvements πŸŽ‰

We have improved our sign up process to be more inclusive. We have implemented the following changes:

Pronouns: You are now able to set your pronouns in your profile, which will appear in your profile and on the Staff List.

Preferred Name: If you wish, you can now set a Preferred Name in your profile. This will be the name shown to you in all parts of Opsyte, but your Legal Name will still be used in features such as Payroll.

Title Field: Our title field has been made non-compulsory, so you no longer have to enter your Title if you don't wish to.

Cash Up Page Improvements

Automatic Posting of Sales on Locking πŸ”’

We have introduced the automated posting of sales to your accounting system, when you lock your week. This cuts out the manual process of posting each day's sales individually. To find out more about this new feature, you can view our article here.

Hiding of the Safe Checks Table πŸ’°

Opsyte's Cash Up page has a Safe Checks table, that previously showed on screen whether you use our safe checks or not. Now, you are able to hide the Safe Checks table if you wish, and you can do this in your Company settings.

Simply visit this link (as an admin user) and change the number of safe checks per day to 0 to hide your safe checks table.

Shift Feedback on Snapshot Report 🀡🏽

If you use our Shift Feedback feature, you will now see your day's Shift Feedback data as part of your end of day report! In the Snapshot Report, you will now have a table summarising the anonymous responses to your shift feedback questions, making it even easier to keep your thumb on the pulse of how your employees are feeling.

As always, we want to thank you for being here, and for your use of Opsyte. We will continue to work hard to make sure we're bringing you the greatest set of systems for the hospitality industry.

All the best,

The Opsyte Team

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