Onboarding Guide

I have created this guide for you, to help you navigate the early stages of setting up your company on Opsyte. Even if you have been with us for a while, you may find out about even more functionality that could be useful for your business! 🎉

As many of you use Opsyte for different purposes, this guide will be broken down into modules. Please also see our Permissions article to learn how to set appropriate permissions and restrictions for your employees, this is relevant for all users.

Your first job should be to Set your Week Ending Date.

Staff Module 👩‍🍳

Before you can successfully use the staff module, you will need to do the following:

Create your Departments and Job Roles

Create your Payroll Calendar

There are also some optional stages that you may need to help your business get the most out of our Staff Module:

Create your Clock In Rules

Create Contract Templates

Set up your Employee Document Processing

Set up Tronc Points

Create Rota Templates

Financial Module 💰

Create your Financial Calendar

Connect to Xero

Get to know your Cash Up Page

Invoicing Module 📝

Set Invoice Approval Restrictions

The following are only applicable for our Xero integrated clients:

Connect to Xero

Create New Suppliers

Choose whether Invoices are uploaded as Draft or Approved

If you have any specific queries that aren't solved here, please search our helpdesk!

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